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09 March 2009 @ 07:42 pm
Intro.... kinda?!  
Name: Su Yi

Favourite Neji Pairings: GaaNeji! SasuNeji NaruNeji *hides under a randum rock* Don't hate me!! XD

What I like about Neji: .... His personality changes, kinda introverted but still can say alot in one glare but still stay impassive, How's that possible?! Yeah but he gets nicer and more people friendly ... and thats basically all the non-perverted things I can say about him :P jks jks!

Anything else?: Yeah! He's Hott!!!! And I love his hair!!!!!! so silky and soft...curls up and falls asleep dreaming about hair, and yes im a Bit...... Just a Tad bit weird. ^^

Yay I accomplished my intro! and now I'll go back to drooling over my Neji fanart, hehe. Hope to post some fics when find some time to figure out how!

iAdios Amigos!
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